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[1] Fort Borealis

[2] Operation New Destiny

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One of the upcoming events starting on May 20th for The Roblox Assault Team will be the start of development for Fort Borealis. Borealis once made the front page of games, and attracted much attention to RAT. Borealis gave RAT a fresh new look and that's what were hoping it will do again. '


Another upcoming event or operation is called "Operation Destiny", being implemented on May 20th aswell to jump start activity in The Roblox Assault Team. Operation Destiny will not only create a fresh  appealing look for RAT, boost activity, and effect all ranks, but it will reform RAT as a whole. Very exciting!


Links: Operation New Destiny:  Fort Borealis:  [4]To conclude, The Roblox Assault Team is developing, innovating, and training consistently. Join today! 

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Organization, first time done.

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