Sparrow Corp is the division of developers and operators that are responsible for creating the Roblox Assault Team's technology and making sure that the clan is productive and running smoothly. Members of Sparrow Corp work together to constantly make advancements in the Roblox Assault Team. Members of Sparrow Corp build the Roblox Assault Team's bases, create and script weaponry and other technology, designs uniforms and ads, and oversee that the Roblox Assault Team is secure and productive, among other things. There are four basic ranks in Sparrow Corp: Agents, Builders, Scripters, and Media. Sparrow Corp is a prestigious division, requiring members to showcase their skills in what they are applying for-- and have it approved-- before joining.


Agent- An Agent's job is to analyze the clan world both inside and outside of RAT. They may preform espionage on alternate accounts and gather information on how the Roblox Assault Team is functioning in order to insure the Roblox Assault Team's well being.

Builder- A Builder's job is to create maps and structures for the Roblox Assault Team to use. Builders may specialize in two types of building: structural building or terrain building.

Scripter- A Scripter's job is to create the coding necessary to make sure anything released by the Roblox Assault Team is functional. They make sure all of the technology used by the Roblox Assault Team works well and is very advanced.

Media- The job of those in the Media rank is to create beautiful creations for the Roblox Assault Team's use. They create the Roblox Assault Team's uniforms, advertisments, logo's, video's, and much more.

Supervisor- Supervisors are the people appointed to run each of Sparrow Corp's subsection's and manage all the projects being created by that subsection. 

Overseer- Overseer's are appointed to make sure Sparrow Corp is running productively and smoothly. They have the power to start and end projects within all subsections of Sparrow Corp.