Sparrow Corp is the Roblox Assault Team's technology division.

At the end of the D4 weapon series, Sparrow Corporation was put in charge of scripting and designing RAT's weaponry.

The first Sparrow Corp weaponry was the 6G weapon system, which used a type of raycast unlike previous weapon systems.

The 6G weapon system consisted of these weapons:

-Sp Cyclone: A fully automatic assault Rifle. Medium fire-rate and ammo count, with medium damage.

-Sp Scouter: A semi automatic marksman rifle, sometimes fully automatic. Low fire-rate, low ammo count, high damage.

-Sp Mauler: A combat knife. 100% damage.

-Sp Fragmentor: A fragmentation grenade with high damage, but low throwing distance.

-Sp Nisus: A burst fire assault rifle with a fast fire-rate, Small ammo count, and high damage.

-Sp Pulse: A fully automatic submachine gun with a fast fire-rate, Medium ammo count, and High Damage. Used mostly by special forces such as the Immortals and Fol.

-Sp Minigun: A full automatic minigun with a fast fire-rate, high ammo count, and low damage.

-Sp Magnum: A Semi automatic pistol with a slow fire-rate, low ammo count, and low damage

-Sp Supressor: A light machine gun with a fast fire rate, high ammo count and medium damage.

-Sp Lancers: Dual shotguns with a slow fire-rate, medium ammo count, and high damage

-Sp Dual Magnums: A dual wield version of the Sp Magnum.

-Sp Menace: A guided rocket launcher.

These weapons were originally (And are still) used at RAT fort Celeste II.

After the release of 6G was complete, the 7G (Spectrum) series was released along with RAT fort Borealis.

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